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 February 2018 

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Expansion of Same Day ACH

Request for Comment and Request for Information

NACHA invites comments on proposed rules to expand Same Day ACH.  Strategically, Same Day ACH is a key component of NACHA's roadmap to move the ACH network forward for financial institutions and their customers

NACHA is issuing this Request for Comment to generate industry feedback on proposals to:

  1. Add a third Same Day ACH processing window that expands access to later in the day;
  2. Provide faster funds availability to receivers of both Same Day and non-Same Day ACH credits;
  3. Raise the per-transaction dollar limit on Same Day ACH transactions to $100,000;
  4. Explore the industry’s interest in ACH processing on weekends and holidays.

The first three topics are proposals to amend the NACHA Operating Rules, and NACHA is accepting comments on them through Friday, January 26, 2018. The fourth topic is a Request for Information to explore industry interest; responses on that topic are requested by Friday, February 23, 2018. NACHA encourages responses from all ACH Network participants and interested parties.  Organizations are encouraged to gather and provide feedback on all aspects of these proposals, including any that have impact beyond ACH operations and product management, such as wire operations, and liquidity and reserve management. 

Overview of Proposals
Expanding Same Day ACH pdf
Proposed Modifications to the Rules
ACH Participant Survey Expanding Same Day ACH December 1 2017


Documentation and Comment Process

All NACHA proposed rules are open for public comment via a Request for Comment.  NACHA encourages responses from ACH Network participants and other interested parties.  For more information about the proposed rules and how to submit comments, please visit


Third-Party Sender & Direct Access Registration

NACHA’s Third-Party Sender Registration rule is now in effect as of September 29, 2017. Originating Depository Financial Institutions are required to register third-party sender and direct access relationships in NACHA’s Risk Management Portal. Institutions who currently have zero third-party senders will still need to register and notate the lack of third-party sender relationships. The deadline for initial registration is March 1, 2018. For more information, check out PaymentsFirst on-demand webinar A Basic Guide to Third-Party Sender Registration. Click Here to Register! 


Regulation CC - Final Amendments

The Federal Reserve Board on Wednesday announced final amendments to the check collection and return provisions in Regulation CC (Availability of Funds and Collection of Checks) and also requested further public comment on an additional proposed amendment to Regulation CC's liability provisions.  You can download the attachments below:

Full Announcement - click HERE

Availability of Funds and Collection of Check - Final Rule

Availability of Funds and Collection of Check - Proposed rule request for comment

None at this time.

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